Because aluminum foil packaging will give you more

Aluminum foil containers also known as foil trays often begs the question “Are foil trays microwave-safe?” “Why are they so expensive?”
“Can foil trays be recycled?” 

Today, more and more consumers and business owners are turning to environment-friendly packaging, such as aluminum foil and showing renewed interest in foil trays. Besides being one of the preferred packaging for heat-resistance (oven-safe and microwave-safe), temperature preservation (hot and cold), ease of transportation, and value enhancement, foil trays are also recyclable.

Recycling refers to the process where used materials or containers are passed through recycling procedures before being brought back in a different form or in the same form as well. 

When recycling an aluminum foil tray, the used trays are processed through an incinerator before being brought back to be used again. This process can be repeated infinitely, i.e., aluminum foil can be infinitely recycled. Recycling aluminum foil requires 95% less energy than producing new aluminum foil, which also saves raw materials and reduces CO2 emission during production – the main reason for climate change. Recycling aluminum foil directly helps save the Earth, making foil trays eco-friendly and environment-friendly. 

Because we understand the benefits of recycling eco-friendly packaging, such as aluminum foil, Star Products has initiated the “Eat and Collect” project to encourage consumers to enjoy their purchase then collect the used aluminum foil packaging to return them to the company. The company will sell the collected aluminum foil to an aluminum recycling plant and donate proceeds (without deducting costs) to the Prostheses Foundation and Thailand Environment Institute. This is to bring attention to the consumers that aluminum foil is recyclable and raise awareness regarding the benefits of selecting recyclable and truly eco-friendly aluminum foil packaging.

star products aluminium foil container 100% recyclable.