Star Products Paper Trays

Star Products paper trays are packaging for food and bakery items that is produced from natural paper. The paper trays are certified food-grade packaging and safe. Consumers, end-users, sellers, shops, and business owners can be confident when choosing quality paper trays from Star Products.

Star Product paper trays are the best solution for end-users and sellers

Nowadays, many sellers, shops, and business owners offer their products via online stores and depend on delivery services to send their goods to customers. Star Products paper trays are not only safe and made from food-grade raw material, they also have lids to prevent contamination. The Star Products paper tray lids are durable, secure, easy to use, stackable, and easy to transport.

Star Products paper trays – tough and leak-proof

For sellers, shops, and business owners, Star Products paper trays can hold various types of foods both dry and wet because Star Products paper trays are oil- and water- resistant, leak-proof, and rigid. You won’t have to worry that during transport or while having a meal the liquid will leak out from the bottom of the tray.

Important! All Star Products paper tray can be sealed with Top Seal plastic film. (Star Products also offers sealing machines which can seal 70 trays per hour. Please contact us if you have any questions.)

Star Products Paper Trays are oven-safe, microwave-safe, and freezer-safe

In order to accommodate various food and bakery items, Star Products paper tray is oven-safe and can withstand up to 220 C.  Any menu is possible when using Star Products paper trays as molds. You can simply bake, close the lid, and deliver.

Consumers can be confident to heat up food before consuming because Star Products are microwave-safe. With Star Products paper trays with PP lids, the paper trays can be microwaved along with the lids.

Additional suggestions:

  • Do not put empty paper trays without food or liquid into the microwave or oven.
  • For PET lids, you must remove the lids before microwaving.

Star Products paper tray can also withstand cold temperatures of -40 C and above, which is very convenient for consumers who want to refrigerate their food for later and convenient for sellers, shops, and business owners who can freeze their food or bakery items during food preparations or packing.

Star Products paper trays are eco-friendly

Star Products paper trays are made in Thailand from trees specifically grown for packaging to substitute and reduce plastic usage. Star Products paper trays are, therefore, environment-friendly and recyclable.

Star Products paper trays makes everything delicious

Star Products paper trays are available in many sizes and shapes for you to choose from, including round and rectangular, from 1800 – 1500 ml. Suitable for any food and bakery items. You can view available products and place orders online at Shopee and Lazada or leading department stores including Makro, Tops, and country-wide bakery supply stores near you.